How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry in a Bag?

How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry in a Bag?

If you are completely new to golf, you have to know the rules and regulations of golf. There are so many rules you must know. So, it is very important to know that how many golf clubs you can carry in your bag. The USGA and also some local or state golf authorities are also aware of this. Also, if you are a regular player and when you will go to participate in any type of golf tournament, you will have to face some rules about it.

Rules Of Golf About Golf Club Limits

Maximum rules of golf are being taken and finalized by the USGA and R&A. They are very strict and active about the rules and regulations of golf. So, it is also fixed that how many clubs you can carry in your bag. According to the rules, a golfer can carry a maximum 14 of clubs in his/ her bag. You won’t get any chance to change 14 of your clubs during the game. But if you break any type of club, you can take club only from your teammate.

There are some points you have to remember. That is, you can carry 3 fairway wood, 8 golf iron, and a putter. If you maintain this sequence, you can take extra equipment to make 14. Also,

  • All the equipment must be legal according to the rules.
  • The number of equipment must not exceed 14 number.
  • It is also restricted to use other’s clubs that can improve his/ her play.

There is a history behind this question’s answer. In the ’80s, USGA approved that, a player is allowed to borrow golf clubs from anyone in the game. But later in the ’90s, USGA changed the rule. So now, a player can borrow clubs only from their teammate.

Does it matter which sort of club in your bag?

There is no specific rules and regulation for it. But, all the clubs must confirm the rules and regulations of golf. You can carry any sort of golf club in your game. Like if you want, you can carry 5 iron or 5 putter or 5 wedges as your wish.

What is the penalty for carrying more than 14+ clubs?

As we said earlier, USGA and local or state golf associations are very alert about the rules and regulations. They always check individuals to ensure that they are maintaining proper rules. If any player disobeys or violent any type of rules, he or she will be declared out from the match.

For using extra clubs, a player will receive a two-stroke for each hole and a maximum of four strokes. Also, this violation requires a golfer to eliminate a hole that he has won for up to a limit of two holes. That means the authority will deduct a hole from your score.

It is our recommendation that when you are going to enter a game, count your golf clubs if you have an additional club in your bag. Otherwise, if the authority found something wrong, they will give you a penalty.

Is it allow to carry less than 14 clubs?

Yes. You can carry less than 14 clubs. The rules focus on the maximum number of clubs, no minimum number is fixed. So, if you take ten or eleven clubs with you, just remember the number shouldn’t be cross 14.

Why it is important to limit the number of clubs?

The weight of the clubs is much heavy. So, 14 clubs will not be much heavier. Also, it could do a saving.

Final Words

Both golf clubs and bags are equally important. By knowing the rules, you can avoid penalties from the authority can play the game properly.

When you watch a golf tournament on your tv, you may think the game is quite easy. But behind the gameplay, a player has to follow so many rules. As we said earlier, before playing a match, you must count the clubs to avoid penalties.

Though the number is limited, you should choose very carefully which type of club you will really help you. The correct clubs will help you to play more efficiently. Your shots totally depend on your clubs.

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