Everything About Golf Bag | Things You Should Know

Everything About Golf Bag | Things You Should Know

I think you already know that you can carry a maximum of 14 clubs with you to play a tournament. Also for exercise purposes, you can carry more clubs. It is not so easy to carry your clubs in your hand. Most of the clubs are quite heavy. So, you will definitely need a bag to carry them properly. And, you need to buy a golf bag. But before buying a bag for your clubs, you should know everything about golf bag. For example about its types, materials, structure, etc.

Like the other ordinary bag in the market, golf bags are completely different. Its shape, material, the type is also different from the other products in the market. Not all companies made this type of bag. You will found two basic types 

Types of Golf Bag

As we said earlier, golf bags are quite different than the ordinary bags in the market. There are so many types of golf bags you will found in the market. Each type of type contains some special features.

Travel Bag

This type of bag is very suitable and also comfortable for you if you want to travel with your clubs. You will find two types of travel bags; with wheels and without wheels. The wheel feature offers a better experience to any type of player. Maximum travel bags are equipped with two or four-wheel. So that, anyone can easily carry the clubs by rolling. On the other hand, some of the travel bags have no wheel feature. So, the golfer has to lift the bag on his or her shoulder. This type of bag easily stands on its own.

Though the wheel feature is missing, the manufacturer adds a special feature on its ground. Its heavy padded top protects the longest clubs. Also gives protection from airline type damage. two types of cover you will found in the market; hardcover and softcover. The weight of a travel bag is not more than 8/9 pounds. If you want to buy a golf travel bag, you can read this article.

Cart Bag

The cart bag is specially designed to travel by golf carts. For your kind information, the golf cart is a different type of vehicle. Though golf courses are huge in size, many players prefer golf carts to travel through the course. Also, it is comfortable to travel by cart. If you prefer traveling through a cart, you should choose a cart bag.

Golf Cart Bag

Its design is also different than the other golf bag. The maximum cart bag is equipped with a single strap. They are not suitable to carry. Manufacturers design the pockets so creatively. For this, a player can easily collect his equipment when the bag is on a cart. Its much large space and size are good for clubs. The weight is also around 6 to 9 pounds.

Stand bag

Golf Stand Bag

The stand bag is designed to carry the bag in the course. It has no wheel system. Some of the stand bags have a single strap. The maximum bag has a tripod padding system. So a player can easily put the bag on the course. Its weight is also like the travel or cart bag. Manufacturers design a stand bag so that a player can carry the bag through a shoulder strap. Also, an additional stand makes the bag always stand on the green. Also, the shoulder strap helps to distribute the club’s weight properly. Maximum bags are made of fabrics. Also suitable for those players who use the golf carts.

Carry Bag

Carry Bag

The basic difference between a carry bag and a travel bag is, the maximum carry bag is not equipped with the wheel feature. There are one or two straps. So that, a player carry the bag on his shoulder. Also, the size is not like the stand or travel bag. Manufacturers design this type of bag to carry only essential equipment. So, not so much space you will found in a golf carry bag. But they add some extra pocket to carry a towel or books. Sunday bag is as like as a carry bag.

Staff Bag

Golf Staff Bag

A staff bag is also like a carry bag. Like the carry bag, it has a shoulder strap to carry on the bag shoulder. But staff bag is widely known for its storage capacity. It provides a large space capacity so that you can carry almost everything you want. Its size and also cost is higher than any type of golf bag. The staff bag is the favorite choice for any type of professional player. They usually appoint an assistant to carry the bag. 

Security System

This feature is one of the most important features. The golf equipment is costly. For example, a TaylorMade M6 iron costs as much as $649. So, I hope you can understand why the security system matters. It is important to protect all the clubs during the travel. Two types of security systems are available in the market. 

Zipper System

Zipper System

This system is quite common among all types of people. Maximum softcover bags are equipped with this feature. You can found some of the hardcover bags with zipper systems also. Maximum golf manufacturer tries to add a strong zipper for the golf bag. They won’t add any type of weak zipper that could damage the security. 

TSA(Transportation Security Administration) Lock System

Not all bag has this type of lock. Also, not all hardcover bag is not equipped with this. You will find some of the hardcover bags with this special TSA lock system. This lock system provides advance and better security than the zipper. It will also offer a good performance during air travel. This lock system can prevent your clubs from dust and moisture.


A golf bag’s durability completely depends on its material. Good material can provide you long-lasting durability and performance. Also, good material can protect your clubs in any situation. Material variety depends on golf bag type basically.

Generally, a soft-sided golf bag’s main material is fabric. Fabric type also varies according to some brands. The first type is nylon fabric. It is widely common in the market. It is made of synthetic polymer. The second type is polyester fabric. This type of fabric is also famous and durable in the market. The third type of material is only used in the hard-sided travel cover. It is polyethylene. Polyethylene is a kind of plastic. But this is not like the other regular plastic. As we said earlier, a hard-sided bag protects the clubs in a good way.

Warranty Facility

Any kind of damage could occur at any time. For this, a warranty facility is a must. Make sure the bag contains a warranty system. Some company provides airline damage warranty. Also, some company provides replacement warranty. 

Which will be better?

Hard case bag or soft case bag?

Both hardcover and softcover bag has merits and demerits. You will find both in the market. The maximum soft cover bag is equipped with a hard padding-top to protect long clubs. Also, the softcover bag is lightweight. And also, you can fold it when it is empty. But a hardcover bag contains some weight because of its material. You can’t fold it while it is empty. To store it, additional storage will be required. So, it totally depends on you which type of cover you will need.

Strap or Wheel System?

The strap system offers a player to carry the bag on his shoulder. And the wheel system provides to roll the bag on the ground. Sometimes the bag becomes too heavy. At that time, it becomes quite difficult to carry the bag on the shoulder. If the bag is equipped with the wheel, you don’t have to worry about transportation. The maximum manufacturer tries to add 2 or 4 wheel. If you think you can carry the bag on your shoulder, then choose the strap system. Or choose the wheel system if you can’t carry the bag on your shoulder.


Before buying a perfect bag, you should collect more knowledge. A perfect bag can ensure better security for your clubs no doubt.

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